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Keynote at the 2018 Southern California Mediation Association Conference

The Politics of Conflict and the Conflict of Politics: How to Think about and Engage in Political Conflicts (2018)

We have just gone through an exhausting election, filled with hostility, hatred and personal attacks, and while half the country is upset and disappointed that they lost, the other half understands that it could have gone the other way, and that they might now be the ones feeling upset and disappointed.

How, then, do we talk to each other about difficult and dangerous issues, ones that we feel most strongly about and are prepared to argue passionately over?  How do we exercise our responsibility as citizens without losing what we’ve learned as conflict resolvers?  How do we advocate for what we believe in without becoming biased and adversarial?  What is an interest-based form of political discourse?  What skills do we require for democracy to work?  How do we design, organize and facilitate dialogues over political issues?  How do we conduct meaningful discussions of highly contentious, values-based topics without degenerating into pointless diatribes?  What are the limits of collaboration in political conflict?  How do we respond democratically and humanely to authoritarian and inhumane actions? How do we build trust between adversaries in difficult circumstances where time is limited, history is long, and positions have hardened?  And how can we “be the change” we want to see in the world, socially, personally, politically and professionally?  For a set of PowerPoint slides on the topic, click here.  For a YouTube video of a plenary speech given to the Southern California Mediation Association, click here.

Co-parenting and Mediation (2017)

Two short interviews conducted by on the conflicts experienced by parents in co-parenting children after divorce or separation, together with a number of ideas, suggestions, techniques, and methods of resolution. 

On Win-Win Thinking

On Child Centric Resolution


The Future of Mediation (2013)

The use of mediation has grown and evolved over last the thirty years. As the “founders” begin to retire and new voices emerge, what is the future of mediation from a global perspective?  I offer my views on this topic at the University of Hawaii Law School (2013). Note that you will need to click on the Vimeo link to watch it there, due to privacy settings preventing direct viewing on this page.


Mediators Beyond Borders Congress (2012)

A vision for the future of mediation.


Lecture at Regis University (2008)


Views from the Eye of the Storm: Ken Cloke

An interview by Robert Benjamin, as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.   Amongst the topics covered: 6 places where conflicts occur, the purpose of training, simulating sincerity as a way of becoming more sincere, self-reflecting as a mediator.   



Before the United Nations Climate Change Conference

My vision for Mediators Beyond Borders's presence at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.


On the qualities of the mediator, humility and the uncertainty of life

On the role of Uncertainty