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Conflict Resolution Systems Design

This six day course will be taught at Southern Methodist University in Dallas over two weekends, from Friday March 2, 2018 to Sunday March 4, 2018, and again from Friday March 16, 2018 to Sunday March 20, 2018.  It concentrates on chronic organizational conflicts using the methods of conflict resolution systems design. 

Course Description:  

Students will participate in analyzing and designing models for responding to systemic conflict by designing interest-based conflict resolution systems.  They will examine the relationship between conflict, leadership and organizational change, and the role of systems in couples, families and social, economic and political systems.  They will learn the sources chronic conflict and the disruptions that accompany phase transitions.  They will discover how facilitation, negotiation, dialogue, and similar conflict resolution skills can be adapted to meet the needs of large-scale systemic change projects, as well as to personal, familial, social, economic, political and environmental conflicts.  They will consider conflict as a system, the emotional and systemic sources of resistance to change, and methods to overcome them.  They will learn how to be the change they want to see in the world, and how to change the way they seek to resolve, transform and transcend the personal, organizational and social conflicts that impact their lives. 

Course Goals:

To reflect on and assess what experience has taught you about systems - To learn a framework for understanding organizational systems design - To identify the conflicts that are likely to arise at each stage of a systems design effort - To understand and learn ways of responding effectively to the need for and impact of systemic change - To develop techniques and strategies that will make a difference in efforts to design conflict resolution systems - To develop skills in facilitating organizational systems design efforts through the use of consensus rather than command and control tactics - To develop the knowledge and skills to motivate systems designers - To learn methods for overcoming resistance to systems design - To be able to design and execute an organizational change initiative using diagnosis, strategic planning, implementation, collaborative negotiation, facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution systems design, evaluation and institutionalization - To develop the skills needed to manage the stress and systemic failures typically associated with chronic conflicts

For more information, contact SMU in Plano TX.

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