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Conflict Resolution Consulting: Transforming Organizations Through Leadership, Teams, Coaching, Culture, Systems Design and Changing the Way We Change

Every workplace generates chronic conflicts, yet few
organizations have rethought the way they work, or used
conflict resolution skills and ideas to prevent and transform the
sources of chronic conflict, or examined their organizational
communications and “conflict cultures” to discover how their
conflicts are generated and reduce their re-occurrence.
Fewer still have integrated conflict resolution and coaching,
trained leaders as mediators, used conflict resolution principles to
inform their change processes, conducted “conflict audits” to
reveal where these streams of conflict originate, or designed
complex, multilayered, self-correcting systems to improve their
capacity for conflict prevention, resolution, and transformation.
This workshop will provide a framework for mediators who
would like to enter the emerging field of conflict resolution
consulting, and learn how to integrate mediation with
organizational communication, coaching, team building,
leadership development, change management, and conflict
resolution systems design. These skills can help organizations
rethink the way they work and use systems design principles to
construct more collaborative, democratic, self-managing
organizations and institutions.
The workshop will identify new skills in organizational dialogue,
leadership, teamwork, and collaborative processes. It will identify
theories and techniques that will help participants shape an
organizational context of ethics, values, and integrity; form living,
evolving webs of association; develop ubiquitous, linking
leadership; build innovative, self-managing teams; implement
streamlined, open, collaborative processes; create complex
self-correcting systems; integrate strategically, and change the way
we change.
Participants will also explore the social, economic, and political
sources of chronic conflict; obstacles to individual, interpersonal,
and organizational change; diverse methods for overcoming
resistance to change, and ways of redesigning workplace cultures,
systems, structures, processes, and relationships to encourage
conflict resolution.  For more information, click here, or contact